Every time I need to look up how to do something, or stumble across a new (to me) technique, I try to remember to record it here.
This list started as a ravelry project page, and I've now copied the links here and imposed a bit more structure. Going forward I will add new discoveries to this version.
Beginning and ending
Casting on
Åsa Tricosa's crochet cast on (for necklines, underarms, etc).
Loop cast on for the middle or end of a row (e.g. underarm or front neck). 
Italian cast on aka tubular cast on or kitchener cast on - great for ribbing (non-provisional cast on version).
Super stretchy double needle cast on.
German twisted cast on: a video, or photos & PDF.
Useful stitches
Knitting styles
Colour knitting
Two-handed colourwork: Philosophers wool and Cotton & Cloud: Episode 6.1, Episode 6.2, and Episode 6.3.
Helene Magnusson's Jogless joins in colourwork.
Intarsia in the round
Completely seamless technique (see paragraph starting 'The other method...')
Anne Berk's 'Annetarsia' (videos 1 to 6).
Garments and accessories
Sweaters and cardis
Top down set in sleeves - includes useful hints on short rows and how to tighten up the picked up stitches.
Socks Without Ears (includes no-graft toes).
The Finchley Graft - a more intuitive way to graft (from the back).
This also includes links to other people's lists on ravelry.
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